Halo Optics' New Hand-Held Range Finder


Halo Optics has a new, hand-held ranger finder designed for accurate readings out to 1,000 yards.

I’ve never used one of these, but Halo products receive mostly good reviews on the web.

“Delivering accuracy to +/- one yard, the Halo ZIR10X automatically detects and compensates for elevation changes with AITM, or Angle Intelligence Technology, which results in the display of a true ballistic distance,” according to a recent press release.

“An updated, easy-to-read, color LCD readout with dusk/dawn display mode stands out against dark backgrounds, clearly displaying the reticle, battery status, mode setting, numerical display and unit of measure, which is selectable by yards or meters.”

The ZIR10X ranges targets in two modes. Standard mode provides a precise distance reading with a single push of the button, while the convenient Scan mode enables users to quickly range multiple targets without having to reactivate the laser in between, according to the release.

It features 6X magnification and is powered by one CR2 Lithium Ion battery (included).

The ZIR10X retails for $230.

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