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Dead Air Armament's New Pingless Flash Hider


Dead Air Armament has a new flash hider that eliminates the “ping” associated with open-prong flash hiders.

“Shooting with a flash hider that produces a tuning fork-like ping after every shot is well… annoying,” said Mike Pappas, director of product development for Dead Air Armament. “So, say hello to our new Flash Hider and say goodbye to muzzle flash and ping.”

The new flash hider has a unique patent-pending design, featuring mass-shifted, equal-length tines. The end result is a flash hider that does not “ping,” according to a recent press release.

Dead Air uses the same ultra-hard black nitriding process on its flash hiders as it does on its muzzle brakes to ensure they are tough enough to handle whatever’s thrown at it, according to the release.

In addition, Dead Air’s new flash hider is quite a bit lighter than other flash hiders and makes for an excellent suppressor mount, the release states.

It weighs just under four ounces and retails for $89.

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