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Man Turns up at Oregon Standoff Armed with AR15, Pistol, Kit

If you thought MultiCam man was over the top for the standoff in Oregon, check out this guy who turned up over the weekend armed with an AR15-style rifle, pistol, knife and other tactical kit.

It wasn't clear who the man was. He didn't give his name to Rick Bowmer, the Associated Press photographer who took the picture as part of his ongoing coverage of the standoff at an Oregon refuge between ranchers and the federal government over grazing rights.

Several groups descended at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns over the weekend, including the so-called "3% of Idaho" and the "Pacific Patriot Network," according to published reports.

The armed attendees reportedly left after a spokesman for the ranchers, LaVoy Finicum, said the network's help was appreciated, but "we want the long guns put away."

Note: This post was updated to correct the reference to the rifle in the headline and text. It's an AR15-style rifle, not an M4. I apologize the mistake. The point of the post was to show how well-equipped he was and with a rifle that was ready for war.

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