On the Military and 'Gucci Gear People'


Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller is proving to be quite the quotable general.

His way with words was on display last week at the I/ITSEC (Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) in Orlando, Florida, when he reportedly said, "We've allowed ourselves to become Gucci gear people."

That was his way of saying that military gear has become overly complicated, according to Jen Judson, a reporter for Defense News who attended the show.


With the proliferation of digital camouflage patterns, modular and scalable load-bearing packs, smart guns, new headsets that merge night vision and thermal imaging and other high-tech products, I can see Neller's point. But doesn't that have more to do with technological advancement than gear being too complicated or high-end?

I didn't catch Neller's full speech, so he may have had a lot more to say on this issue. But either way, that was a great quote and I'd be curious to hear what you all think of it. In your opinion, have troops become "Gucci gear people?"

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