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Army Talks up Wifi Link from Sights to Night Vision Goggles


Army soldiers tracking and attacking enemies in fast-moving combat situations will soon be able to shoot targets without bringing their rifle and weapons sights up to their eyes -- due to emerging wireless technology connecting thermal sights to night vision goggles, according to an article on Scout Warrior.

A wireless link will show the reticle from thermal weapons sights directly into the night vision goggle display, allowing soldiers to quickly track and destroy targets with great accuracy without needing to actually move the weapon to their shoulder and head to see the crosshairs through the thermal sights.

Enhanced targeting technology is of particular relevance in fast-developing battle circumstances such as Close Quarter Battle, or CQB, where targets can emerge and disappear in fractions of a second. Being able to strike quickly, therefore, can bring added lethality and make the difference between life and death for soldiers.

Read the rest of the story at Scout Warrior.

--Kris Osborn is the managing editor of Scout Warrior.

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