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AGI Offers New DVD Reloading Course


American Gunsmithing Institute is now offering its new “Reloading from A to Z” DVD course taught by renowned cartridge designer, gunsmith and AGI Instructor Fred Zeglin.

The course is a “how-to” step-by-step course of instruction on the manufacture of superior ammunition.

“We created this course for gun guys and gunsmiths that want to learn the secrets behind making extremely precise, accurate precision loads. I think people are really going to be blown away by all the information in this course and the simple and easy to understand way that it’s presented,” said Gene Kelly, president of AGI.

Students will learn how to make hand-loaded ammunition tailored specifically to their needs. This course is far more in-depth than any other reloading course on the market, according to a recent press release.

Zeglin begins this course by addressing reloading from its most basic fundamentals. This allows the new reloader to begin the process almost immediately and with confidence and safety.

He goes further and introduces you to popular tools offered by numerous manufacturers that increase the speed and quality of the reloading process. He also covers casting bullet techniques and advanced precision reloading for long range shooting.

“Many reloaders never learn the reasons behind why reloading operations need to be performed in a certain way,” according to the release. “In this course, Zeglin shows, from the gunsmith’s perspective, what happens to a round when it is fired and helps students understand the secrets behind the reloading process.”

Zeglin also talks about what makes for an accurate reload and shares simple tricks that saves many hours of trial and error at the reloading bench and range.

“Any reloader, whether novice, intermediate or experienced, will benefit from this course and its clear explanations of the how’s and why’s of reloading,” according to the release. “It will enable the student to make smart choices, both in purchasing tools and in producing safe, quality ammunition with them.

This is an AGI certified course with testing and certification. The nonmember price is $497. The GCA Silver Price is $397.60. The pre-sale special price is $297. Call 800- 797-0867 to order the course.

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