CamelBak Unveils New Water Purifier at AUSA 2015


CamelBak showed off its compact, new water purification device at the Association of the United States Army annual meeting.

The Microbiological Advanced Purification System connects to the base of CamelBak Maximum Gear bladders and the drinking tube connects to the top of the device.

The purifier will turn dirty, stagnant water into clean, drinking water, CamelBak officials maintain. Suction from the drinking tube pulls the water through a special membrane that removes debris as well as bacteria and viruses.

“This is designed to purify water out of a mud puddle that looks like chocolate milk,” said Scott Wing of CamelBak.

Once you’ve emptied the bladder, contaminates can be drained from the filter though a special tube by squeezing a simple pump several times.

Drinking through the purifier is much easier than similar systems on the market because it has a “very high flow rate,” said Betsy Leggat, senior Military Program Manager.

CamelBak teamed up with a company call Nepros, which traditional designs purifiers for the medical field, Leggat said.

The M.A.P.S. weighs about six ounces and is scheduled to be released this spring. CamelBak officials do not have a retail price yet, but said it is scheduled to cost about $125 through GSA.

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