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Video: .50-cal Desert Eagle vs. Bulletproof Vest ... and Melons



The marketing folks at are clearly having fun with their ongoing video series comparing how their bulletproof vests perform against random items such as melons after being shot at close range by a high-caliber pistol.

Because, why not?

In a video from last year, Tom Nardone, chief executive officer of the parent company of the Troy, Michigan-based online retailer, fired a .50-caliber Desert Eagle at watermelons. In a new one released last week (shown above), he did the same to honeyrock melons.

In case you're wondering, the round pierced all five honeyrock melons, though it didn't seem to go through all seven watermelons. By comparison, it went through just seven layers or so of the 40 layers of the $299 vest, according to the footage.

Besides its entertainment value -- which for this viewer included a reminder of the Desert Eagle Mark VII wielded by Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the 1993 action flick, "Last Action Hero" -- the video offered the following bit of trivia:

"You can see the difference in damage to the melons when the bullet is supersonic and when its velocity drops below the speed of sound. In the first melon, the bullet is supersonic and resulting shock wave creates a large path of destruction. As the velocity slows, the bullet just pierces the melon, leaving a much smaller entrance and exit hole."

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