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SureFire X300 Ultra with Locking Screw Now Available


SureFire’s X300 Ultra-B model, equipped a stronger mounting mechanism, is now available.

SureFire had the new model at its booth at Modern Day Marine 2015. The Ultra-B model is the same as the standard X300 Ultra, except for a screw-down Rail Lock mount that gives you “a much more positive interface” with the weapon, said Chad Adams, who manages Military Accounts for SureFire.

“It’s a stronger connection,” he said. “If you wanted to mount it to a shotgun or a carbine – something with higher recoil – you wouldn’t have an issue with it” coming loose.

The mount is made of aluminum and steel, not plastic like the traditional X300 mount. It can be tightened or loosened with a flat-blade screwdriver, dime or the backside of a shell casing.

It retails for $299, the same as standard X300 Ultra.

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