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Springfield Armory's Answer to Army MHS Search?



Springfield Armory is now offering its XD Mod.2 in a 4-inch Service Model just in time the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System competition.

To be clear, Springfield Armory officials are not marketing this new pistol as its entry into the Army’s recent XM17 MHS request for proposal – but the timing and the name can’t be ignored.

Anyway, the new, 9mm Service Model features a slim, ergonomic design with a 16-round magazine capacity.

“With high visibility, low-profile sights and a slim-contour frame, the XD Mod.2 Service Model is a feature-packed, full-sized double-stack pistol,” according to a Springfield Armory press release. “The noticeably slim profile and other features combine to make the Mod.2 Service Model a pistol that offers excellent ergonomics and serious firepower in a surprisingly concealable, full-sized handgun.”

Like all XDs, the Mod.2 Service Model is loaded with safety features such as the striker status indicator, loaded chamber indicator, grip-safety, internal firing pin block, and the Ultra Safety Assurance Action Trigger System, according the release.

The new model also has a really huge “GripZone” engraved into the grip to highlight the ergonomics of the XD Mod.2 line that's designed to ensure that “contact between the human hand and the frame of the pistol keep the Mod.2 Service Model on target for round after round.”

The new Service Model is available in all black or bi-tone finishes.

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