Firm Touts Tasty MREs, from Cherry Turnover to BBQ Beef


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Birdgford Foods Corp. is touting new kinds of Meal Ready to Eat, or MRE, with flavors ranging from cherry turnover to barbecue beef. And not only do they taste like food, they're actually really good. staff tasted a sampling of the products while interviewing Richard Mueller, divisional sales manager for the Anaheim, California-based food supplier, on Tuesday at the annual Air and Space Conference.

The company offers a full line of MRE sandwiches for the U.S. military, including pastry-filled sandwiches such as apple and blueberry turnovers and meat-filled sandwiches such as BBQ beef and sweet and sour chicken. It even offers a "First Strike Ration," a meal kit packed with 2,800 calories and designed for use over 24 hours in the war zone.

Check out our video from the show floor to learn more about the company's products:


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