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Soldiers to Army: Give Us Black PT Socks!



My colleague Matt Cox has published a news story on detailing the results of the U.S. Army uniform survey released by Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey.

As we've touched on in a previous post, most respondents favored such proposals as the "Ike" jacket, gender-neutral headgear such as the “smokey” drill sergeant hat and blue service cap, and black socks with the new PT uniform.

I thought it was interesting, though, that the proposal with one of the highest percentages of support was the last one -- black PT socks.

As Cox writes:

Nearly 70 percent of soldiers who participated in an Army uniform survey said the service should authorize males and females to wear black socks in lieu of white socks with the Army Physical Fitness Uniform. ... The current uniform policy authorized soldiers to wear calf-length or ankle-length, plain white socks with the APFU.
Scrapping the beret I can see -- it's had a checkered past going back to when then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Eric Shinseki ordered soldiers to wear it as the standard headgear.

But why the surge of interest in black PT socks? Are the white ones, shown in the images above and below, out of style?






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