Magpul's New Double-Duty Front Sight Post


Magpul has a new sight post upgrade for its MBUS Pro front-sight line that allows the shooter to choose between standard and match-level shooting.

“Featuring a rectangular cross-section, the MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post offers the user the option of a .040” Match profile for precision shooting or a standard .060” profile for visibility without changing posts,” Magpul officials maintain.

Simply raise the post until it spins freely and rotate 90-degrees to present the desired sight profile, then lower the post to its original position and confirm zero, Magpul officials say. The Match width side of the post has a marking dimple for easy identification during installation.

The MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post is an upgrade for both the MBUS Pro and the MBUS Pro Offset Front Sights. It is precision-machined of alloy steel and features a Mil-Spec manganese phosphate finish for corrosion resistance and abrasion protection.

Magpul is selling its MBUS Pro Enhanced Front Sight Post for about $10 each.

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