Federal Premium's New High Density Buckshot



Federal Premium came out with potent buckshot load this year that packs a wallop with tungsten-alloy pellets.

“New Federal Premium Vital-Shok High Density buckshot is already the load of choice for feral hog exterminators who work for various government agencies,” according to a recent Vista Outdoor Inc., press release. “They’ve proven that its nine-pellet 00 buck tungsten-alloy payload and 1,600 fps muzzle velocity give it superior stopping power compared to lead loads.”

The new Federal shot shell line is currently being delivered to distributers for sale to the general public, the release states.

The buckshot is lighter than equivalent lead loads, so “it produces less felt recoil, yet offers higher velocities and more downrange energy,” according to the release. “The FLITECONTROL wad ensures consistent, deadly patterns, making High Density an excellent choice for predators, hogs and more.”

It’s not cheap though. High Density costs $16.95 for a box of 12-gauge 2 ¾ shells.

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