Army Vice Chief Focused on Lighter Soldier Kit



Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Daniel B. Allyn recently expressed his desire to lighten the soldier's load during a visit to Program Executive Office Soldier, according to Army officials.

PEO Soldier officials showed Allyn how they are providing soldiers with more lethal weapons, better protective gear and more capable equipment while also looking for ways to lighten soldier load during his June 23 visit.

Brig. Gen. Brian P. Cummings, commander of PEO Soldier, and his project and product managers briefed new programs and developments taking place, according to a recent Army press release.

Lt. Col. Paul E. Alessio, product manager for crew served weapons at Project Manager Soldier Weapons, briefed the new precision sniper rifle. This highly-accurate rifle will enable soldiers to use up to three different rounds depending upon mission requirements. The PSR could replace the M107 .50 caliber rifle and the M2010 .300 Win Mag sniper rifles, according to the release.

Lt. Col. Kathy M. Brown, product manager for Soldier Protective Equipment, or PM SPE, let Allyn compare the Advanced Combat Helmet with the new Generation II Lightweight Advanced Combat Helmet, or LW ACH. The LW ACH weighs a pound lighter while offering the same ballistic protection, a weight reduction the general appreciated, according to the release.

"I appreciate what you are focused on here, better kit and lighter weight," Allyn said.

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