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TacRack for One-Handed Slide Racking



This is a pretty cool accessory for racking your Smith & Wesson M&P or Glock with one hand.

TacRack -- developed by Brandon Wright and engineered by Fritz Borke -- replaces the existing the “rear slide end cap” original part on semi-auto striker-fired guns and is designed to make racking the slide, reloading, or clearing malfunctions easier with either one or two hands.


For clearing malfunctions with one hand, you can hook the ears on the side of a holster, belt loop or door jam to rack the slide and get the gun functioning again.

It’s made of 6061 Aluminum and is available for all Glocks except the G42. It’s also available for Smith and Wesson Pro-Series, Full Size and Compact model guns

The standard model retails for $30. You can get an American flag, Punisher logo or “Don’t Tread on Me” laser engraved on it for $5 extra.


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