SureFire's Powerful Key-Chain Light


titan-a_surface7 SureFire’s potent new Titan key-chain light is now available.

This little task light throws out 125 lumens. It’s a little pricy, but I want one.

“The groundbreaking Titan is the world’s first professional-grade key-chain flashlight,” SureFire officials maintain. “This ultra-compact, dual-output feat of engineering boasts a proprietary faceted reflector that shapes the light from its high-performance LED into a broad, smooth MaxVision Beam at both 125 and 15 lumens—astounding levels for a finger-sized light.”

The 3-inch long Titan comes with a AAA NiMH battery, which gives it a one-hour run time on max output. It will run 8.5 hours on its lowest setting, according to Surefire.

The Titan retails for $60.



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