Zion Systems: Essential Gear for Non-Gearheads


IMG_0671 Joe Florko -- a former federal law-enforcement officer and wilderness ranger for the National Park Service for nearly 10 years – has started an emergency-preparedness company that assembles gear packages for first-responder and aid worker types.

As a gearhead, I love putting together my own emergency kits and sometimes spend a week or so organizing just the right combination of gear.

But I suppose there are some people out there who just need a good assortment of kit and need it fast. So for these lost souls, there’s Florko’s Zyon Systems.

“We offer professional-caliber, configured emergency kits," he said in a recent email. "I’ve used my experience responding to emergency calls and hauling people out of the back-country to build completely turn-key emergency response packs.”

IMG_0592“We are using top of the line gear including equipment from Hill People Gear, Snugpak, and MSR to name a few. We have a 'Patrol Pack' for LEO's on foot, a compact kit for traveling business professionals, and will have a complete 72 hour bag offering in the next few weeks.”

Here are some of the highlights of the services Florko's site offers:

-Free replacement of any “consumable item” like batteries, food, toiletries etc. if used on a real world service call, operation or emergency (not training).

-Substantial savings over buying and shipping all of the included components separately.

-Packs can be sent with packaging removed so they are ready for deployment when they arrive

-They can build custom configurations and have a DUNS number for government purchases.

Check out his site at zyonpro.com for more details and pricing.


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