TOPS Knives New Tex Creek Folder



LAS VEGAS – TOPS Knives will soon be selling a folder version of its popular Tex Creek fixed blade.

The Tex Creek is one of my favorite TOPS designs, but I have no need for a fixed blade. Leo Espinoza, vice president of TOPS Knives, has apparently heard this before.

“There are a lot of people that wanted the same style blade, but they didn’t want to carry it on their belt,” he said at SHOT Show 2015.

The Tex Creek folder prototype at the show is so new, it didn’t even have an edge on it yet. It has a four-inch, 1095 carbon steel blade and black linen Micarta handle.


Like the fixed blade model, this new folder has deep notches on the back of the blade and handle for a secure grip. Despite its size, the prototype felt extremely lightweight.

“It’s an everyday knife,” Espinoza said. The prototype had a bead-blasted finish, but production models of the Tex Creek folder will be offered with the same Black River Wash finish that’s on the current fixed-blade version.

The new folder will be available in about three months and will retail for $220.


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