Smith & Wesson's New Red Dot Ready Pistols



LAS VEGAS – Smith & Wesson showed off its new M&P Performance Center Ported CORE Model on the range at SHOT Show 2015.

CORE stands for Competition Optics Ready Equipment. It’s set up so the shooter can easily mount a red dot optic to the gun without the help of a gunsmith, according to Matt Rice of Smith & Wesson.

It’s still an M&P, but it has several new features. There is a new back-strap checkering for improved grip and a Performance Center trigger with quick, audible reset.

The Ported CORE model also has a ported slide at the end of the muzzle.

“This was a feature that a lot of competition shooters asked for, especially in the .40 calibers … it really helps reduce the muzzle flip,” Rice said.

Smith &Wesson has increased the height of the sights, “so on many of the red dots you able to have a co-witness not only with your sights but also with the red dots optic,” Rice said.

Installation of any red dot is a very simple process, he said.

Remove the cover bracket near the rear sight by loosening the two set screws. Then install one of five mounting brackets to fit your optic. Use the two set screws to lock it down.

The M&P Performance Center Ported CORE model comes in standard and long-slide models and is chambered for either 9mm or .40 S&W. It retails for $769.

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