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Shooting Beretta USA's 1301 Shotgun at SHOT 2015


LAS VEGAS -- We had the chance to check out Beretta USA’s new 1301 tactical shotgun at SHOT Show 2015 range day.

It is a sweet little package. The 1301 is a semi-auto 12 gauge specifically designed for military and law enforcement use.

Beretta’s gas-operating system sets the 1301 apart from similar models on the market, according to Earnest Langdon, a consultant for Beretta USA, who was working on the range Monday.

“It cycles and operates 37 percent faster than anything else on the market,” he said.


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I put a few shells through it, and the recoil seemed very light. It was easy to quickly reacquire a good sight picture.

The 1301 has a 3-inch chamber, 18-inch barrel, ghost-ring sights and a lot of nice ergonomic features as well.

“It’s got extended controls on it that come standard -- extended cocking handle, extended bolt release and extended magazine release button,” Langdon said. “It’s really set up to be a lightweight, handy tactical shotgun.”

The 1301 will cost you $1,059.


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