Safariland Revolutionizes Holster Fit



LAS VEGAS – Safariland LLC., has come up with a truly innovative holster that fits more than 125 modern handgun models.

The Pro Fit 578 Holster features a V-Block design and special locking mechanism that fits many of today’s polymer-framed pistols.

“We took a whole series of popular firearms and … took all the digital dimensions and overlaid them at the position where they would index into the V Block,” Safariland’s Bill Rogers said at SHOT Show 2015.

The designers looked at looked for similarities on parts such as take-down levers, safeties and magazine releases, Rogers said.

“What we found was there is a lot of commonality,” he said. “What this holster does is fit all the weapons that have a similar size trigger guard. ..It’s kind of a revolutionary design for us.”


Safariland made special indentions in the holster to help with fit where parts differed in pistols.

The Pro Fit uses a frame-jack mechanism that jacks up against the frame and lifts the weapon into the holster until it locks into position, Rogers said.

The only limit is the width of the trigger guard, Rogers said. Older, steel-frame pistols tend to have more-narrow trigger guards that currently do not work well with the locking mechanism.

“Right now, it does not fit the 1911 and the Browning Hi-Power,” Rogers said. “But in the next few months, we will have a model that fits those older types of weapons that tend to be much thinner than the more modern polymer pistols.”

Unlocking the pistol from the holster is extremely simple.

“By forming as shooting grip on the weapon, we are actually releasing the locking mechanism,” Rogers said, demonstrating how the side of the operator’s middle finger naturally presses against the release lever and unlocks the pistol from the holster.

Pro Fit holsters are molded in one length and then cut it to the length of a specific pistol, Rogers said.

“But you can take the shortest holster and put every weapon in it if you don’t mind the muzzle sticking out,” he said.

Safariland has a list of pistols that currently fit the Pro Fit, but the number is likely to grow, Rogers said. “This is an ongoing project; we will probably find a way to fit another whole bunch of guns,” he said.

The Pro Fit comes with Safariland’s paddle mount as well as a belt-slide attachment. It will cost you $55.


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