A Closer Look at GGP's "Specter" Series of Rifles


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The Specter Heavy is a "Designated Marksman Rifle class long gun" from Grey Ghost Precision. It's an AR15 chambered in .308. The Specter Light is it's 5.56mm cousin. They are the first two complete rifles built by Mega Arms, which heretofore built just pieces and parts.

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Grunts: heretofore.

The rifles made their debut at the recent Green Beret Pro Am near Ft. Bragg. Appropriately, it was Veteran's Day. As you can imagine, they received quite a bit of attention. Lots of rounds went through them without apparent mishap, although one of the writers present reported a firing pin hiccup early on in the day (it was later corrected). They were extremely light (surprisingly so) and fun to shoot, though obviously we'd want to spend a lot more time with them and in varied conditions to do a review. Though we're unable to provide an evaluation, we can give you some specs and background.

The Specters are built from 7075-T651 billet, which is cut  and then True Black III anodized. Fore-ends are 14 in. extended Mega MKM KeyMod handguards (M-LOK coming). Mega advises each fore-end hand fitted to every upper receiver using their custom lockup system, which they describe as "stronger than standard barrel attachment." Bolts are manufactured from case hardened 9310, lower receivers feature ambi bolt releases and BAD-CASS selectors (which should make them friendlier to most "wrong-handed" shooters). Triggers are single stage and break at 4.5 lbs.

Grey Ghost Precision Specter 3

Grey Ghost Precision Specter 4

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About the barrel, GGP says,

"The heart of any rifle is the barrel and the Grey Ghost Precision Specter rifles are no exception. They sport medium weight sixteen inch 416 stainless steel barrels with 11 degree target crowns, topped with Gemtech Jake Brakes developed by AM-TAC Precision for minimizing any muzzle climb. They are Black Nitrided in and out for superior corrosion resistance without any negative effect on accuracy. Midlength gas systems are used for a smooth recoil impulse and faster follow-up shots if required. The Specter Light is a 1/8 twist and threaded ½-28 and the Specter Heavy is a 1/10 twist and threaded 5/8-24."
Rifles will ship with a Magpul ACS stock and Magpul MOE+ grips.

Grey Ghost Precision says they'll be doing other barrels and calibers in the future and maybe doing a high end 1911 pistol as well.

More to follow. Meantime if you want to learn more (or you want to buy one), contact service(at)greyghostgear.com or call 877-244-2811.

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GGP 556 on White 14 GGP 556 on White 12 GGP 556 on White 10 GGP 556 on White 9 GGP 308 on White 7 GGP 308 on White 4 GGP 308 on White 2

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