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LWRC Teams up With Victory First


Victory-First-inaugural-course-450x600LWRC International has partnered with Matt Jacques and Victory First to provide training support for its law enforcement, military and government training programs.

Jacques – a former U.S. Marine with an extensive law enforcement and instructor background – launched his specialized firearms training and consulting firm, Victory First, two years ago. I was lucky enough to attend the very first Defensive Handgun Level 1 course.

LWRCI officials said they were happy to have Jacques on the team.

"We are looking for Matt Jacques to strengthen LWRCI training programs and help support integration of LWRCI weapon systems with our customers," David Ridley, senior vice president for Sales & Marketing, said in a recent press release.

"Matt brings a wealth of product knowledge, personal relationships and tactical training expertise to our team.”

As an advisor for LWRCI, Matt will assist with development of training programs, systems design and development, using his experience to drive the LWRCI rifle programs into the future with key customers in law enforcement, military and government.

"In my experience in the field- I have worked with guys that run LWRC rifles, use them on a daily basis for their jobs in LE and government entities, and rely on them without reservations," Jacques said.

"I have always been impressed with the quality and durability of the end product. LWRCI is a company I am proud to represent and excited to get things moving to help expand their current family of weapons and to build an effective training program."

Jacques’ career began in the Marine Corps, where he was an MP and Presidential Security Support Specialist assigned to the Presidential Helicopter Squadron. After the Marines, he spent about a decade as a police officer, including tours in undercover work, detective unit and SWAT -- working entry, sniper/counter-sniper, and reconnaissance. He is also a founding member of Washington D.C.’s Capital Area Fugitive Task Force.

Jacques has worked closely with firearms manufacturers including FNH USA. Most recently, he worked for the State Department as a firearms instructor for the Diplomatic Security Service, leaving there as the chief of operations to start Victory First.

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