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PEO Soldier Awards D3O Contract to Test Helmet Padding

D3O TrustArmy's PEO Soldier awarded funding to a British material specialist to test the company's shock absorbing helmet system for the Advanced Combat Helmet.

The helmet padding system, built by D3O, is called TRUST, which stands for Trauma Reduction and Unrivaled Shock Technology. The British-based company designed the system to protect soldiers from traumatic brain injuries.

D3O designs a host of materials based off its orange polymer that can protect against blunt force while remaining comfortable to wear. The company also sells knee pads, football helmet pads  and even cell phone cases.

Army's PEO Soldier is constantly working to cut down on the number of TBIs sustained by soldiers. More and more soldiers are being diagnosed with TBIs, especially in the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. PEO Soldier officials have said they constantly want to test the commercial-off-the-shelf solutions that might help soldiers.

"D3O's team of material scientists and engineers is proud to have been selected by PEO Soldier for funding which will evaluate the impact performance of this new shock absorption protection, in response to intense demand from the global defense sector," said D3O General Manager Mostyn Thomas.

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