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Video: On the Range with the Heavy Counter Assault Rifle



We spent a little time on the range today with the Ohio Ordnance Works Heavy Counter Assault Rifle or HCAR.

It was outstanding. So much fun.

I say that not because this is the greatest firearm ever made. It’s not. It’s just a really cool gun story.

The HCAR is the brainchild of U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Sgt. Robert W. Landes III, whose father owns Ohio Ordnance Works. The company builds reproductions of historic weapons such as the Browning Automatic Rifle.

So Robert set out to bring the classic World War II weapon into the 21st century. The HCAR became available for sale this month, and it was on the floor at Modern Day Marine 2014.


It’s not really practical for U.S. military use since it is chambered for 30-06, but it really is a quality piece of work.

The HCAR features a hydraulic buffer system that makes the recoil of the 30-06 weapon feel like you are shooting an AR15. It really is a dream to shoot.

On the downside, it’s heavy. In the video below, Robert shoots it from the standing position. Now Robert is a big boy, and he handles the HCAR like an M4.

Don’t be fooled. It weighs 11.75 pounds with a 16 inch barrel when it’s empty.

With a full magazine, scope, bipod and a suppressor, it was just too heavy for me to keep stable from a standing position.

From the prone position, however, it’s an absolute pleasure to shoot.

The HCAR comes in several finishes and costs about $4,700. For that price, you get four 30-round mags, ammunition and a bunch of accessories.

It’s expensive. But if I was a rich man, I would have bought one on the spot today.

Check out our video from the demo. If it doesn't show up on your smartphone, click here to view it.


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