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Ohio Ordnance Works to Demo its 30-06 Assault Rifle

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I couldn't resist writing about this. Ohio Ordnance Works is going to demonstrate its Heavy Counter Assault Rifle, or HCAR at a live-fire range near Quantico Marine Base on Thursday and KitUP will be there.

The HCAR became available for sale this month, and it was on the floor at Modern Day Marine 2014.

It’s not really practical for U.S. military use since it is chambered for 30-06, but it is such a cool weapon. Unveiled at SHOT Show in January, the HCAR is a modernized, semi-automatic version of the Browning Automatic Rifle.

The HCAR fires from the closed bolt position and features a hydraulic buffer system. It weighs 11.75 pounds with a 16 inch barrel and 12.5 pounds with a 20 inch barrel.

It has a three-position gas regulator and fires 30-round magazines. It has a fold-down charging handle and a safe/fire selector switch.

The HCAR is equipped with Picatinny rails, Troy micro folding sights and a Surefire muzzle brake. The hand guard is free-floating and made of carbon-fiber reinforced nylon.

Stay-tuned for video tomorrow. It should be fun to watch.

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