Goodbye Gray -- Army PT Gear Is Back in Black


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The U.S. Army promises its new physical fitness uniform will outfit soldiers with a design that’s comparable to the latest commercially, work-out attire.

The service released the details of the new Army Physical Fitness Uniform Aug. 11, and I wrote about it on

The Army also stressed that the new design will address shortcomings with the current work-out trunks, according to Robert Mortlock, program manager, Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment.

“Soldiers, both male and female, also had concerns with other things, particularly modesty issues with the shorts, especially in events like sit-ups, Army officials said. The issue was of such concern that soldiers were purchasing spandex-like under garments to wear beneath the trunks,” Mortlock said.

“Another issue was that there were not enough female sizes in the IPFU, he said. The APFU introduces multiple sizes, including female sizing, and has solved the modesty issue.”

In addition to the new APFU, the Army will also replace the current foliage green fleece cap with a black fleece cap, Army officials maintain.

The new PT uniform is scheduled to become available at Army military clothing sales stores sometime between October-December 2014.

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