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Bidding Farewell to the ACU's Mandarin Collar?


The U.S. Army on Wednesday released much-anticipated details about its new camouflage uniform slated to hit shelves next year.'s Matt Cox, a frequently contributor to KitUp, has followed this issue closely and reported the latest news in a separate article.

Disregarding for a moment the actual appearance of the camouflage pattern, here are some of the key design changes under consideration:

-- The Army might be saying goodbye to the sometimes-hated mandarin collar.

"Next year, the Army Uniform Board will consider several changes the ACU such as eliminating the mandarin collar and replacing it with a fold-down design."
-- Same goes for the sleeve pen pocket and trouser waistband drawstring.
"The AUB will also consider removing the three-slot pen pocket on the ACU sleeve and eliminating the drawstring on the trouser waistband, the release states."
An Army board will convene sometime next year to decide on the proposals. Meanwhile, the following changes have already been made:

-- Pockets for knee and elbow pads are gone.

"Another approved change coming for the ACU is that the 'insert pockets for knee pads and elbow pads will also be removed from the new uniform,' according to Program Executive Office Soldier officials."
--  Button to replace noisy fastener on leg pockets.
"... the lower leg pockets will be closed by a button instead of the ‘hook and loop' fabric fastener on the current Army Combat Uniform."
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