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Bates Unveils New Jungle Boots


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Bates Footwear will soon unveil its new jungle boot that was designed with the help of special operators.

The Recondo boot is being officially launched at the ADS Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach July 10-11. They are a low-absorption, quick drying, durable solution designed to provide secure footing in multi-terrain jungle regions, Bates officials maintain.

"The Recondo provides a much needed jungle boot update for the next generation of our armed services," said Bates Footwear President Onder Ors. "Based on the specific feedback we received from our development partners in the Special Operations Forces, Bates has created the only boot specifically engineered for hot, wet and humid combat environments common in tropical regions."

Named for the Reconnaissance and Commando Training Course developed in the 1950s at Fort Campbell, the Recondo meets the need for a Berry Compliant jungle/tropical combat boot for today's warfighters and peacekeepers, Bates officials say.

Bates partnered with the United States Army Special Forces Command to develop the Recondo and received performance feedback after the 75th Ranger Regiment tested them in Central America during the winter of 2014.

The Recondo utilizes a unique lacing system developed based on feedback from operators and incorporates Bates' many years of experience with lace-to-toe styles. This assures that all users can easily utilize the speed lace system and achieve proper fit and closure. Bates officials say.

They are made from Wolverine Warrior Leather, which is lightweight, durable, breathable, and is water, stain, and oil resistant, Bates officials say. The MultiCam rip-stop nylon fabric enhances performance as it is lightweight, abrasion resistant, and highly durable.

“The design of the solid rubber outsole is the Vibram Mutant, which has a deeper, more aggressive lug depth for off road traction, a multi-directional leading edge that enhance slip-resisting properties, and a rounded heel for natural touch down,” Bates officials maintain. “This sole design has also incorporated a customized rubber compound that is durable enough to withstand special operations forces use in hot weather, temperate weather, and mountainous operational environments.”

No word on price yet, but the Recondo will be available for purchase beginning Fall 2014.

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