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5.11 4-Banger: My Go-To Go Bag


Mad Duo Brad 511 4-Banger 5

by Breach-Bang-Brad

Months back, I finally got my hands on a 4-Banger Bag from 5.11. I had been looking forward to checking the bag out for some time. I gave it a few spins in my hands, along with the normal poking and prodding that comes with new gear, then quickly starting loading it with essentials for a “get home” type situation. The 4-Banger stays in my wife’s van because that’s our primary family vehicle. I want her to have a solid and dependable bag capable of storing what she’d need if my family was to get stranded without me.

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5.11 designed the 4-Banger to be a mission-type pack for quick-prep operations or longer excursions. The bag features a strong, adjustable non-slip padded carrying strap with an integrated laser-cut PALS platform near the strap’s base for general-purpose pouches or small IFAKs (Individual First-Aid Kit). The bag also has a waist strap for extra bag security. The 4-Banger’s exterior is 1050D tear-resistant nylon composite fabric with the familiar 5.11 square loop panel for identification or morale patches. The entire bag is weatherproofed to ward off unwanted moisture, and self-sealing YKK zippers assist in keeping weather, dust and dirt out.

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The front portion of the bag features two zippered pockets with opposite openings that can house small admin items, maps or navigational aids. Inside each pocket are interior mesh divider pockets for securing those small items. The middle of the bag opens from end to end by way of two inward-zipping zippers to allow the user to access one end at a time, if need be. The inside rear of the bag is totally covered with loop velcro for a concealed carry holster or other hook and loop-compatible pouches or attachments. The forward interior of the main pocket features six 2-inch wide elastic strips for securing larger items such as a pistol magazines, knives or GPS devices.

The rear portion of the 4-Banger (closest to the body) holds four pouches that will fit standard AR-15 magazines, cleaning kits, IFAKs or other items. The 4-Banger also arrives with shock cord retention straps for quick access to more magazines. Additional 2-inch elastic loops are sewn into the pouches, and a large mesh exterior backing gives quick access to small items near the user’s body. Each end of the bag features more PALS-type webbing to attach additional pouches.Mad Duo Brad 511 4-Banger 9

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The 4-Banger is available in Black, Double Tap (which is a blend of black and grey), OD Trail (which is a blend of olive drab green and black) and Sandstone (which is primarily desert tan colors). It retails for $69.99 on

About the Author: Breach Bang Brad is a former enlisted turned WO who is part of the team of Tier One Pontificationists over on Breach-Bang-Clear

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