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SOG's New Japanese Fixed-Blades and Folders

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SOG Specialty Knives and Tools has a new series of custom fixed and folding knives called The Kiku. The knife company partnered with “legendary” Japanese knife maker Kiku Matsuda for his talent and experience in blade grinding.

“Known to have a 'magic hand' in grinding and polishing blades, in any angle and direction, Matsuda is unlike the average knife grinders in that he uses a side flat area of the power wheel as his canvas to create 3D grindings, concave, hollow, flat, Hamaguri (convex), twist, double and triple grindings in a free hand,” a SOG officials maintain.

The Kiku Fixed Series is available in either a 4.9-inch or 5.6-inch straight-edged clip point AUS-8 stainless steel blade in satin polished or black TiNi finish. The handle is linen micarta with full tang construction and includes a Kydex sheath with a removable belt clip for easy access as it’s attached to your gear. The overall lengths are 9.76-inches with a weight of 8.5-ounces for the Small Fixed Kiku or 11.2-inches and weighs 11.2-ounces for the Large Fixed Kiku.

The Kiku fixed blades cost $188-$227 depending on the size and finish.

Kiku Folder Series is available in a 3.5-inch or 4.6-inch straight edged clip point AUS-8 stainless steel blade in a series of finishes. The handle is a linen micarta with a liner lock construction and a low-carry pocket clip for easy concealment. With an overall length of the small folder is 7.9-inches with a weight of 4.2 ounces, and the large folder is 9.4 inches and a weight of 7 ounces, this is the first-ever folding knife from Matsuda.

The Kiku folders cost $135-$190 depending on the size and finish.

“Matsuda’s knives are among the sharpest in the world,” Sog officials maintain. “The blade durability, edge sharpness and longer edge retention is not only for the steel character, but also for Matsuda’s special Hamaguri-Ba (Japanese Convex edge famous for Katana) grinding.”

“It’s been an honor to work with Kiku [Matsuda], and it’s a privilege to know that we are able to offer our customers a custom knife from one of the worlds most respected knife makers, but comfort in knowing they have a strong and reliable tool,” stated SOG Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nando Zucchi. “You will be amazed with the outstanding blade grinding and cutting performance of the Kiku Knives.

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