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Raven Concealment/Ares Gear Shot Shell System

ModuLoader_5shell_2__35247.1387380901.1280.1280 Raven Concealment Systems and Ares Gear have fashioned a low-profile system for carrying extra shotgun shells.

The Moduloader five-shell plate is a two-part system, consisting of the Raven Concealment ModuLoader platform -- which mounts quickly and securely to your belt -- and the Ares Gear tear-away load shot shell panel.

Together they allow the shooter to rapidly replenish five-shot panels on your belt and on the side of your shotgun, using hook and loop fasteners, according to officials from Raven Concealment and Ares Gear.

The ModuLoader platform is 7.5 inches long and weighs just under 2 ounces. It consists of an Ares Gear 5-round shell panel, an RCS moduloader platform and a strip of adhesive loop material. It comes in black or tan and costs $35. You can get extra five shot panels for $15 each.



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