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Tactical Revolution's New Face Shields for Machine Gunners












Tactical Revolution recently unveiled its AJAX Armor System that’s designed to give dismounted machine-gunners frontal armor protection they can mount directly onto their MGs.

“While armor plates perform extremely well against high-velocity ballistic threats, they only cover a portion of your torso – typically your chest, back and sides. But what about your shoulders, face and neck? This is where the AJAX armor system comes in,” TR officials say.

It’s an interesting concept, but the special brackets and compact steel plates will add about 10 pounds to an MG like the “lightweight” MK48.

TR maintains that the system “you to take your side plates from your vest and attach them to your weapon-mounted rail system.” The website says that the .308 plates will protect against M80 7.62x51mm ammo.


That’s a nice idea, but the backs of the plates feature deep slots for attaching to the brackets. It seems like that would lead to a lot of back-face deformation into your side if you took a round in these plates while wearing them. Maybe I’m wrong.

The complete system consists of two aluminum mounts, two plates, to MOLLE pouches for the plates and two MOLLE pouches for the mounts. It doesn’t say how much the system costs. The site has two videos to check out.

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