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Marines Design Energy Producing Boots

Kinetic BootMarines got to try out a few prototypes of gear designed to produce additional energy in the field at the Experimental Forward Operating Base at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

The kinetic boot was one such piece of equipment that might have sounded better on the design board than in the field. The boot produces kinetic energy with every step, but the sole appears balky and uncomfortable for Marines.

"I felt that was a bit ridiculous. I felt like there are other ways, like better ways, to make energy than having something in your boot that's going to make energy," said an unnamed Marine who took part in the tests.

Marines tested the gear at the Experimental FOB from May 12-16. A major goal was testing equipment that could produce energy and cut down on the  number of batteries Marines need to carry in the field.

Other gear included a pack that produced energy based on the natural movement of the soldier. Much like many watches, the kinetic movement of the soldier and the shifting of the pack would offer energy to the unit.

The Marines also tested the light weight solar panels that recharge batteries that Marines have rolled out before.

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