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JSOC Invites Defense Industry to Tech Expo


MARSOCHave a secret clearance and want to check out the latest innovations the special operations community wants to build?

Joint Special Operations Command is hosting 250 cleared industry reps to discuss about 100 Special Operations Forces "technology and capability needs" at a Technology Expo on June 10, according to this announcement.

JSOC officials are hosting defense industry representatives to improve their relationship and make sure Special Operations Forces are getting the best equipment even with the budget crunch.

Many in industry have expertise, capacity, funding, and a desire to better understand and invest in SOF unique needs. It is JSOC’s desire to inform and influence industry’s internal investment decisions in areas that address SOF’s most sensitive and urgent needs.

U.S. Special Operations Command has made their intentions known with its pursuit of the Iron Man suit. In the not too distant future, SOCOM wants special operators outfitted in suits that repel bullets, offer super human strength and break through doors, literally.

But this effort isn't focused solely on that pursuit. JSOC listed a host of capabilities they want to know more about that range in complexity from lightening a special operator's load to electronic warfare.

One area where special operations is especially interested in is navigational equipment that can operate in regions where GPS signals are blocked. The Air Force Research Lab has started working with the biosensing of magnetic fields, and there are many in the special operations community that is paying close attention to that research.

Below is the full list of topics JSOC officials want to hear from industry reps about:

  • Breaching
  • Communications
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Fire Support
  • Information Technology
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Knowledge Management
  • Lighten the Load
  • Mobility
  • Scalable Effects Engagement/Non-Lethal
  • Power and Energy
  • Soldier Survival
  • Target Engagement
  • Visual Augmentation
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