The Vertx EDC "A-Range Bag"


Vertx - A-Range bag - 1Several of our minions have been playing around with elements of the new Vertx EDC lineup - the A-Range Bag is particularly good to go. This isn't to say we don't like what we've seen of the whole line, we do, but the A-Range Bag is what we're most intrigued by. We'll warn you up front, the price point on some EDC pieces will make you work to justify the expense to Household-6. They range from $150 for the satchel up to $220 for the Gamut Plus. It's worth the purchase in our estimation, just not something you're going to pick up for a few bucks at the PX as an impulse buy.

There are 7 pieces in the EDC lineup total - Commuter, Satchel, Gamut, Gamut Plus, Courier, A-Range and the limited edition version of the Gamut Plus. All of them have a lot of Velcro real-estate, largely because of their "Tactigami" add-on (this Tactigami stuff would be worthy of a short article itself, so watch for that). Below are a couple of videos from the new series. To our minions' minds, the best piece of the line is the A-Range bag. It is, as the name indicates, a modular range bag. It's very well designed and has some great features. Good for an individual/family visit to the range though obviously it's not going to be something that carries everything you need for everyone during a qual day.

It's got a padded shoulder strap you can hang extra gear off of such as extra ears and a roll of target tape on a carabiner.Vertx - A-Range bag - 2

There's also a large, padded interior and separated "admin side pockets" on the interior. The sling is in addition to regular carry handles that Velcro shut. The entire interior will accept Velcro-backed modular pouches. Ours would be a bastard mix of Vertx Tactigami, Blue Force Gear Dappers and 5.11 Tactical stuff (no point in not using everything) though Vertx-aficianados or purists could obviously stick to just Vertx branded pieces).

Large side pockets run the length of the bag (also Velcro-lined). It does have a security feature for those concerned with leaving the bag in a vehicle while stepping into a convenience store or whatever. It's a steel braided cable that runs below the length of the bag with a loop on either end. These can be used as carrying handles or for a tether point to lock the whole bag down. Beneath the bag are 2 shock-cord tightened mesh-bottom square pouches that slide in and out like drawers in a chest. You can use those to hold miscellaneous pieces of gear, cleaning kits, etc., or to throw brass in afterward when you're mission complete (using the mesh to shake dirt and debris out); the "outer wall" of the bag that opens up to these square pieces will remain flat so you can use it like a counter-top with small pieces or parts - check these out at 00:35 in the video below.

Vertx - A-Range bag - 3


Vertx - A-Range bag - 6

Vertx - A-Range bag - 4

Vertx - A-Range bag - 5

Here's a quick look at the whole lineup. You can read more about it or order one here.


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