SOLKOA'S Answer to Emergency Fire Starters


esfk_smThere are many sparking fire starters out there, and most perform pretty well. The SOLKOA Survival Systems Faststrike appeals to me more than many because it features a three-inch hacksaw blade as a striker to accompany its ”ferrocerium high-energy sparking rod.”

“Besides acting as the striker for the sparking rod, the hacksaw can be used for cutting of course and also produces excellent sawdust for use as additional tinder for a survival fire,” SOLKOA Survival Systems officials maintain.

I know this is not a new idea. I made a similar striker for my Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel a couple of years back. It works well, but I would have just purchased this one had I known it was available.

The saw teeth create a good shower of sparks compared to the cheap sliver of metal that comes with most fire steels. Truly, a Bic lighter is the best fire starter, but the gear head in me always wants a fool-proof back up in my pack.

SOLKOA's Fastfire Fire Starting kits come with the company’s solid fire-starting tinder, which is very similar to WetFire solid tinder.

“The Fastfire material when contacted by a flame or just sparks creates a sustained 1,300 degree flame in seconds,” SOLKOA officials maintain. “The Fastfire solid cube produces a wind resistant flame that will ignite even when floating on water.”

I have always had better luck with Tinder Quik or Fatwood. Vaseline-coated cotton balls work, but they’re a little messy.

SOLKOA’S Emergency Fire Starting Kit with 2 Fastfire cubes and a Faststrike will cost you about $17.


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