Exoskel Tactical Shin Protection


 rapid This is an interesting concept. Exoskel Urban Climber X2 shin guards look like they would be right at home in a “Mad Max” movie – or on infantrymen climbing through windows and scrambling over walls on a house-to-house search operation.

“Exoskel has been created to assist the user to rapidly ascend urban obstacles. After constantly failing to negotiate obstacles when rushed and weighed down, and after many cuts and damaged lower limbs, Exoskel was developed, according to the Exoskel website.

“Its primary use is to provide leverage while ascending obstacles and negotiating uneven terrain. Armed with teeth to lock on to obstacles in any environment, and lift the user, via the stirrup system, up, over, and on… Exoskel protects the shin when scrambling over sharp and dangerous terrain and stabilizes the user on uneven ground and in awkward positions.”

The only thing that’s odd is no one in the pictures wearing Exoskel X2s is wearing knee pads -- seems like you’d need those too. They weigh about a pound each but might be worth it for short-term operations.

Here’s the part most will hate. They cost $400 a pair. I’m just the messenger, OK? The company is offering a $50.00 discount to military, law enforcement, emergency rescue & response personnel, and other government agencies.



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