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A Multi-Tool for Most Weapons Optics



Patriot Products AZ, LLC makes a multi-function tool for adjusting many popular weapons optics.

The Combat Optic Tool Optimized is "revolutionary in its adaptability with the majority of the magnified optics currently in use by military, law enforcement, and citizen soldiers/civilians, in particular the new SOCOM Enhanced Combat Optical Sight – Optimized," Patriot Products officials maintain.

It  has a 3/8s inch and a 10mm box wrench that will work with LaRue Tactical and Aimpoint 3X Twist mounts, as well as a ½ inch open face wrench for Leupold, Badger Ordnance, Warne, and similar cross bolt mounts.

 It has the ability to adjust windage and elevation on Aimpoint  CompM, M2, M3, M4 and Micro T-1 sights, EOTech sights, Trijicon ACOG RCO and RMR sights, as well as adjust the factory mounts for ACOGs and EOTechs.

The 1/4 inch Hexagon hole allows the Combat Optic Tool Optimized to be used as a T-Handle wrench for Torx, Hex, and screwdriver bits. It can also fit inside the MagPul MIAD, MOE, and Tango Down Battle Grip.

It is made from 316 Stainless Steel and also works as a bottle opener in a pinch. It retails for $20.


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