Amos Addresses His Lack of Combat Action Ribbon


Joint Service Open HouseThere are those Marines who have asked how the Marine Corps can be led by a commandant who does not own a Combat Action Ribbon after the U.S. has spent the last 12 years at war.

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos is the first career aviator to hold the position since 1983. As an aviator, he has not earned a Combat Action Ribbon.

It's a topic that has come up with Marines who might disagree with some of Amos' more controversial decisions throughout his tenure. It's a questions that got the attention from the commandant's lead public affairs officer, Lt. Col. Joseph Plenzler, a year ago when questions were raised about Amos' involvement in the prosecution of Marines who urinated on corpses. 

A commenter on Facebook by the name of Kyle Kerns wrote on a Marine Corps Times article post writing it was "sad" the commandant had never been in a firefight and Gen. James Mattis should have been named commandant rather than Amos.

According to Marine Corps Times, Plenzler responded to Kerns on Facebook writing: “He has been in many a fight ... probably killed more enemy with his F-18 than any single company of grunts ... has been outside the wire with Marines in both Iraq and Afghanistan ... and General Mattis, who I worked for for 3 years, would be disappointed you posted this."

Last week, Amos and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Michael Barrett held a Town Hall meeting on Facebook taking a host of questions. Midway through, Amos was asked point blank about not owning a Combat Action Ribbon by someone who goes by the name of Jacob InquisitorZombie Frailey. He asked: "Wheres your CAR? As most Marines are asking."

Amos wrote back:

"I have a 1972 VW Convertible in my garage. I bought it as a lieutenant. I'm going to drive away from the Marine Corps in it when I retire."

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