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SORD's New IFAK Pouch


SORD USA has a new personal medical pouch designed to keep your surgical gloves at the ready. The new IFAK Small is a tear-away pouch for carrying field dressings, tourniquets and other trauma kit.

This is similar to SORD’s CFA Medic Small Pouch, but this includes a sleek, externally-accessible glove pouch for the separate storage of PPE gloves, a mandatory item when dealing with patient and casualty bodily fluids and open injuries, SORD officials maintain. The glove pouch is secured with Velcro and will hold multiple gloves.

“One of the main benefits of this trusted, battle proven design is the ability to tear the pouch off the platform and work with your tactical med kit next to your casualty instead of on your rig where it is awkward and constantly in the way,” SORD officials maintain.

IFAK Small, with its single large tooth zipper, allows the pouch to open completely flat once released, exposing numerous internal elastic loops and sleeves holding basic medical supplies. It attaches to two columns of PALS webbing – wish they made a belt-loop option.

The IFAK Small comes in black, coyote, MultiCam and A-TACS AU, but it doesn’t come with medical supplies. That may annoy some KitUp!, readers since it costs $69.

Now if you still like it, I found it at for a sale price of $59.


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