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Video: Army Unveils M205 Lightweight Tripod


The Army has developed a lighter weight tripod that will replace the M3 tripod for the M2/M2A1 and MK19 machine guns. The M205 Lightweight Tripod weighs 16 pounds less than the M3 Tripod, which weighs 50 pounds.

Soldiers with the 1st Armored Division will be the first to receive the new tripod for heavy machine guns, Army officials said.

Along with the lighter weight, the M 205 also has an integrated traverse and elevation mechanism designed for easier and more accurate use by soldiers. The new T&E mechanism is similar to the M192 Lightweight Ground Mount. 

"It has basically the same T&E system as the M192," said Sgt. Tyeron Evans, a small arms artillery repairer. "This provides some instant familiarity for the Soldier. This tripod would have definitely helped me out in theater."

The M205's front leg rotates in 6 degree increments and the back legs are adjustable. Spades are built onto all three feet to secure the weapon.

When it is collapsed, the M205 tripod collapses to 50 percent of height and width. It is 46 inches long, 8 inches high and 12 inches wide when it is collapsed.

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