Slide Fire Makes 'Ma Deuce' Kit for AR-15



LAS VEGAS -- Slide Fire Solutions LP is turning the small-arms market upside down. Literally.

The Moran, Texas-based company showed off a tripod-mounted accessory that radically speeds up the rate of fire on AR-style rifles and carbines in part by inverting the firearm.

Once mounted onto the device, or "bump sled" as the concept product is called, the rifle is fired with a twin-grip firing mechanism -- similar to the World War II-era M2 Browning machine gun, known as the "Ma Deuce." A thumb lever on the accessory activates the rifle's trigger and the resulting recoil creates pressure to maintain a high rate of fire with stability and control.

The technique is known as "bump firing" and effectively turns a semi-automatic AR-15 into a machine gun. The company sells shoulder-fired stocks with similar technology and wanted to expand on the design, according to Chris Nichols, the firm's chief executive manager.

"It's really taking something innovative and new that our company loves to do and putting it into a fun package for the consumer," he said in an interview with on Monday at a range in Boulder City, Nev., as part of the opening day of this year's SHOT Show.

When asked what kind of application the product has, Nichols said, "Pure entertainment." He added, "It's basically [for] someone that wants something new that's bored with the typical shooting."

Nichols conceded that the AR platform is not designed for sustained automatic fire since it lacks the ability to change out overheated barrels. The company is looking at possible accessories that could help reduce overheating, but said it's up to the shooter to use common sense with the device.

Nichols didn't say how much the product will cost, only that "we want to try to keep it affordable for the consumer market."

Here's a video of the bump sled in action:


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