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Sig Sauer's Leap into the Striker-Fired Pistol Market



I just got my hands on Sig Sauer’s new P320 striker-fired pistol, and I did not want put it down.

I didn't get to fire it, but I was really impressed with the ergonomics, particularly the position of the slide release. It’s right by the thumb and requires very little thumb pressure to engage it.

The P320 comes in a carry and full-sized models and represents a dynamic shift from Sig Sauer’s traditional hammer-fired pistols.

“We are a hammer-fired pistol company and everybody knows us by that type of gun,” a Sig Sauer official said. “Everybody has always asked ‘when are you going to come with a striker-fired pistol.’ They say ‘I like my Glock. I like my M&P. I like my XD. You guys don’t have that.’”

Despite the competition, Sig officials see a big market for the P320, specifically in the law-enforcement community.

They are available in .357 Sig, 9mm and .40 caliber models. Sig also plans to release a .45 caliber version soon. Sig Sauer also plans to come with a compact model as well.

The P320 features a plastic grip shell that comes in three different sizes for the carry and full-size models. The magazines and the grip shells are compatible with the Sig P250.

The new guns will feature available safety options such as tabbed trigger, frame-mounted ambidextrous manual safety, loaded-chamber indicator and magazine disconnect safety.

The P320 also includes another safety feature for take down.

“The gun needs to be mechanically clear to take it apart,” a Sig official said. “The magazine must be removed, and the slide must be locked to the rear or else the gun just can’t come apart. It is impossible.”
The P320 carry model holds 15 rounds in 9mm and 13 in .40 and .357 Sig. It weighs 26 ounces with magazine and has a 3.9 inch barrel. The full-size model holds 17 rounds in 9mm and 14 in .40 and 357 Sig. It weighs 29.4 ounces and has a 4.7 inch barrel.

They should be available by this spring and retail for about $700.


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