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Reeder Stepping Down from Kit Up


David Reeder and Matt Cox on assignmentI wanted to take a minute to let you know that I'm stepping down as an Associate Editor for Kit Up. It's been a great ride since Christian Lowe signed me on as a writer a little over three years ago and I've enjoyed working with everyone at However, I'm now moving to take over as the RECOIL Magazine web editor full time.

I will still be contributing editorials and reviews to as a freelancer, so you haven't seen the last of me. Continuity will be maintained by Matthew Cox, Brendan McGarry, Michael Hoffman and others. I genuinely appreciate the interaction we've enjoyed here, especially the ability to learn from many of you when I had questions. There's really nothing quite like having access to a readership with such a high level of professional expertise (though it does make a writer work harder).

If you need anything from me you can always contact the editorial staff here, and now of course over on RECOILweb. Maybe one of these days I'll build my own "vanity" website. I'm thinking www. "desultory tactical sesquipedalianism" .com. We'll see.

Thanks for everything and I'll see some of you soon. That's all for now - go forth and conquer.


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