Pentagon's Top Tester Gives Sniper Round Passing Grade


sniper rifle 2The Defense Department released it's annual testing report and unlike other weapons programs, the MK248 Mod 0 Sniper Round got a passing grade.

Used with the M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle, the Mk248-Mod0 (A191) .300 WinMag ammunition, is utilized to hit targets up to 1,200 meters out. The sniper system was built to improve the range and accuracy of other comparative systems.

In March 2013, the Army completed a successful live fire with the MD248 Mod  as service officials tested it against gelatin targets to obtain data inputs. It was also fired against "light material barriers and other targets to determine the projectile's ability to perforate the target," according to the Pentagon's Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) annual report.

The testers determined that the sniper round "demonstrated adequate performance and lethality" when frired from the M2010. However, more details weren't made available, as the report referenced the 2013 classified Mk 248 Mod 0 lethality report.

This is the first time that DOT&E has tested the sniper round, but plans to continue to do so. Their recommendation for the Army is to "improve the complex computer models it uses to model small caliber ammunition performance."

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