Hands on with the New Glock 42



LAS VEGAS -- Glock Inc., put its new Glock 42 on the firing line at SHOT Show Monday. The slim .380 pistol is ultra compact but is still large enough for a good, stable grip.

Glock's decision to go with the smaller .380 round has puzzled some of its fans, who are concerned about the tiny round's lack of stopping power. Mike Robinson, marketing director for Glock, explained the gunmaker's decision on the range.

"We have had a lot of requests for it over the years, so we wanted to meet that demand. On the other side, Glock looks at product development on a global scale. Outside of the U.S. there are very few places you can actually own a 9mm because it's ... military and considered weapons-grade, so .380 is really a global pistol for multiple markets," Robinson said. "Here's the deal, it's all about shot placement. If I hit you four times in the head with a .380, it's probably going to stop you."

Glock also had its new .45-caliber Model 41 on the range. Glock spokesman R. Lee Ermey, retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeant and accomplished military actor and TV star, talked about it on the range.



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