Beretta Upgrades Italian Battle Rifle




Beretta rolled out its updated version of Italian military’s primary battle rifle – the ARX 160A3.

This new version features a handful of slight design changes over the ARX 160A2. Beretta has added larger venting spaces along the top of the handguard to help with heat dissipation.

Another change Beretta engineers added is a detachable knob that slides over the rather slender charging handle, so the shooter can get a more comfortable grip when charging the weapon.

The bolt release is now located on the side of the lower receiver instead of inside the trigger guard.

The Italian military began adopting the ARX 160 to replace the older, AR 70-series rifles in 2009. A version of the ARX 160 was also being evaluated in Phase II of the U.S. Army’s improved carbine competition before the service formally cancelled the effort in June.


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