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Tis the Season for Christmas Tree Firearm Ornaments


Billet Christmas Ornaments -6

Whether you want them in billet steel or aluminum, these may be just the thing to jolly up your tree, especially if it's a Charlie Brown Tree because nothing says Christmas like a Charlie Brown Tree with a Kalashnikov hanging on it. Check out Dahmer Arms for more info. They normally do billet grips for AR15, 1911s and Sigs along with some weapon R&D.

The aluminum set comes with 7 ornaments (AR15, AK47, 1911, Glock, Garand style carbine, revolver and Thompson submachinegun). The billet Christmas ornaments come in sets of 3 - an AR, an AK and a 19111, machined from American aluminum in the USA.

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Billet Christmas Ornaments 7

Billet Christmas Ornaments - 2

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